How People Actually Do Lose Weight With Garcinia Cambogia

By simply buying and taking the pure extract, and making no other changes in your lifestyle and diet, you will lose at least two to four pounds per month.

However, it is recommended that you also make some time to do moderate exercise several times per week and eat properly portioned meals in addition to this brand. It will work best when you make healthier choices.

In order to maximize your weight loss while taking GC supplements, you should definitely make some time for moderate exercise several times a week, and eating properly portioned meals. It works best when the supplement can work together with your healthy choices.

Keep in mind that there really are no pills that are going to be more effective than a healthy lifestyle of a proper diet and regular exercise routine. Additionally, as with other supplements, you shouldn’t use Garcinia Cambogia long term.

Studies done on humans have shown that individuals who take GC lose significantly more weight than those who simply go on a calorie restricted diet.

One study showed that a group that was put on a calorie restricted diet and given Garcinia lost an average of 14 pounds, while the group that was put on the calorie restricted diet and given a sugar pill only lost an average of about 6 pounds. So, GC definitely serves to increase the amount of weight that you lose.