Why There are No Real Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

When you purchase any product that is intended to affect your health in some way, it is only natural that you worry about the safety of the product and make sure that you are aware of any adverse effects it could have. Garcinia Cambogia is a natural supplement and is very safe, but still, it is better to totally understand the possibility of any side effects- positive or negative.

You are likely wondering how something that has been used in preparation of foods for centuries can possibly have side effects. Well, when Garcinia Cambogia is consumed as a supplement, the hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is the active ingredient is consumed at much higher amounts than when it is consumed as food. So, you can’t totally rule out the possibility of side effects.

As long as HCA is the only active ingredient in the Garcinia Cambogia supplement, and there is nothing else added, such as caffeine, then the chances of experiencing side effects are quite minimal and, if they do occur, very mild.

secondary effects of garcinia

The side effects of Garcinia Cambogia are typically mildly uncomfortable or undesirable, but not really harmful overall. The degree of the side effects will differ according to the dosage and how you take the supplement. After you have been taking it for a while, the side effects will decrease, and may even disappear. If, by chance, the discomfort is too severe to tolerate, then you may want to adjust your dosage.

Potential Side Effects of Garcina Supplements With HCA
Keep in mind that these side effects will not occur in everyone who takes a Garcinia Cambogia supplement. If they do occur, they may not all appear together. Following are some side effects that have been reported from taking Garcinia.

1) Mild headaches
2) Slight dizziness
3) Feelings of drowsiness
4) Mild discomfort of the digestive tract and an increase in bowel movements

As long as you are taking Garcinia Cambogia at the recommended dosages, the intensity of these side effects are very mild in those that experience them. Most individuals will find that they don’t experience any side effects.

There have been some studies conducted in order to gain a better understanding of the side effects of Garcinia Cambogia and the conditions in which they occur. When taken at the recommended dosages, there have been no side effects reported. When the side effects have been reported, further study has shown that the problem is contributed to other factor such as weather or concerns over taking a new supplement. If you do happen to experience any severe side effects or effects that last longer than a few days, check with your physician to sort it all out.

To avoid experiencing side effects, you should take the following precautions:

1) Make sure to take the proper dosage- don’t get too excited and take more than recommended
2) Make sure that you are taking a quality supplement that doesn’t have artificial additives
3) Do not take the supplements for more than 12 weeks without taking a break
4) Follow the directions that are on the package
5) Make sure that you are consuming enough water.

Hydroxycitric Acid And Garcinia Cambogia